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The Classification Of The Barber
- Jan 12, 2018 -

According to energy supply methods can be divided into: manual Barber and Electric Barber

According to the user to divide can be divided into: Baby electric barber and adult electric Barber

Manual Barber

Also known as Mechanical Barber, has appeared for more than more than 100 years of history, in remote areas still use, in recent years, most of our country has eliminated this barber.

Electric Barber

Also known as Hair clippers, plug-in electric and battery type, easy to use, emerging families must care for electrical appliances.

Adult Barber

Adult barber, there are manual and electric, manual also called Electric Fader, in the past more than 100 years, mainly rely on this kind of manual electric fader to complete the haircut, adults and children are using this barber; Electric is now usually seen in the barber shop, the knife head of the titanium alloy knife head and steel head, its characteristics are:

1, long service life, can be side-charging side hair, because the requirements of the use of a long time, so with battery storage will be more;

2, because of adult hair than children, are relatively coarse, relatively hard, so the need for more sufficient power;

3, head is relatively large, filling functional needs can be understood, need a larger battery, knife pediveligers invited wide;

4, due to the requirements of durability, knife-head material for steel, titanium and other durable good materials.