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Precautions For Use Of Horse Clipper
- Jan 12, 2018 -

There are also many problems in the use of electric wool shears, the proper use of electric wool shears to the sheep's care and the impact on the life of the electric wool shear is very large. People use electric wool shears in the past more than 50 years of history, summed up a lot of lessons.

Cut Sheepskin

The electric wool shears is the machine, needs certain skilled skill, the beginner chooses as far as possible the dense tooth straight tooth blade, for example the common broad force 76mm13 tooth straight tooth blade is the entry type blade, the tooth distance is narrower, is not easy to clip the meat. and other technical proficiency, and then replace the wide-toothed blade. For the electric wool shear easily trimmed parts, can be manually trimmed.

Blade Hair Hot

The electric wool scissors piece is the friction pair movement, will naturally heat. can be lubricated and cooled with soapy water.