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Maintenance Of Hair Trimmer
- Jan 12, 2018 -

1, knife Head maintenance: Now the family use of children's barber is basically waterproof type. After the baby cut off the knife head, with a random with a small brush along the direction of the blade to clean up the debris, and then use water to clean the knife head, cleaning must be dry to prevent rust. After the knife head thoroughly dry, drop a few drops of lubricating oil on the blade. Remember to change the knife head regularly.

2, the body of maintenance: with a brush to clean the fuselage of the body motor head of the broken hair, must not use water Chong motor head, to prevent the body from flooding. Do not use acidic substances to clean the fuselage, preferably with a neutral lotion to wipe the fuselage.

3, battery maintenance: In order to maintain the battery life, after using the best full of electricity and then put up, the normal use of the case also to be a period of time to clean the electricity and then recharge the electricity, if a long time does not need to be recharged once a period of time.