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How To Buy Hair Trimmer
- Jan 12, 2018 -

1, the brand is on the one hand, but also to choose a variety of certification qualifications of the barber, such as the National 3C compulsory certification, appearance of patents, all kinds of safety test certification, which is the safety and quality protection.

2, pay attention to the appearance of Baby Barber, to that kind of bright colors, let the baby fondle admiringly, many babies like to protect hair, a haircut on the hide, choose a favorite baby barber, will let her love the haircut, the mothers do not need to hair for the baby and worry about OH.

3, mute effect to highlight, because the general to the baby haircut, if the voice is too noisy, easy to let the baby produce fear psychology, so it is best to adapt to the baby after sleeping and then hair, so the barber must be mute.

4, the knife head if that stainless steel is not good oh, to the ceramic only! Stainless steel knife head with a long time or will because of rust affect the rotation of the head, will easily hurt the baby, so it is best to select ceramic knife, although it is easy broken products, but cost-effective, longer service life, shearing force is more sharp, to avoid in the hair when the baby is clipped.