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Hair Trimmer Considerations
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Don't choose that kind of battery, accidentally forgot to take out the battery, a long time useless words, it was wasted, and the battery is also a waste of money oh, the most important is convenient ah, so it is best to choose the kind of rechargeable baby barber better, do not have to worry about the battery every day, use up very comfortable.

1. Each use of baby Barber before, need to check the Baby Barber knife edge of the integrity, in the knife blade damage may be cut skin;

2. If the use of electric hair clipper too long, the host and blade may be hot, this time to recommend that everyone shut down the machine for 5-10 minutes to prevent the temperature overheating caused the baby's discomfort;

3. After each use to remember to disconnect power;

4. Dry hair in pruning than wet hair simple;

5. Do not put the baby barber into the water or trim too moist hair, otherwise easy to cause circuit failure;

6. After the failure, the barber's device is strictly prohibited to take apart repair or modification;

7. When trimming temples, ears and other parts, not too hard, not too close to the skin

8. Baby Barber is specially designed for baby hair cut, do not use it for pet repair hair;

9. Remember to clean up the hair on the electric barber after disconnecting the power

10. Place the baby barber in places where infants and toddlers are not readily accessible