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Common Troubleshooting Methods Of Hair Clippers
- Jun 11, 2018 -

common troubleshooting methods of Hair clippers

1, coil heating and burning

(1) If the use time is too long, exceed the allowable range, replace the new coil and improve the conditions of use.

(2) The armature is dead after long-term electrification. The head should be cleaned or the armature position adjusted.

(3) The coil insulation is deteriorated or the coil is subjected to vibration to short circuit the internal turns. Should replace the new coil and fix it firmly.

2, speed power supply no sound, no action

(1) Switching contact fatigue is inelastic. Replace the switch or replace the moving contact piece.

(2) The power cable is broken and the terminal is loose. Replace the power cord or re-tighten the joints and clean the joints.

(3) There is dandruff in the switch causing a power interruption. Apply a brush to remove dandruff.

3, there is an electromagnetic sound when the power is turned on, but the electric clipper does not move

(1) Too much dandruff on the top and bottom blades will jam it and remove dandruff.

(2) The tab screw is too tight. The upper and lower blade should be moderately re-adjusted.

4, do not eat hair

(1) The angle of the angled head has changed. Adjust the angle of the angled head to about 45 degrees.

(2) Loose head screws are loose. Should tighten the round head screw.

(3) Loose adjustment screws and ingot screws. The screws shall be adjusted in accordance with the vibration of the bending head.

(4) Upper and lower JJ j1 clearance is too large. New adjustment for the staff) J plate screws.

5, no thorn

Blade edge wear. Regrind blades or replace new blades.

6, loud noise

Screw spring adjustment is not good. Update the adjustment screws.

7, leakage

(1) Coil lead wire insulation damage. Reprocess lead insulation.

(2) Power line cracks and internal moisture damage. Replace the new power cord and reinsert it.

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