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Characteristics Of Children's Barber
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Because a large part of the children's Barber is a mother, so the design should be light and small, operation to be simple, and to have protection measures, storage battery should be enough to save the child's hair, for the safety of children, should try to avoid the side of the case, cleaning to be convenient, the volume of low characteristics.

(1) Safety: The design of the knife should be safe and reasonable, the use of rounded angle design, so as not to scratch the baby;

(2) Mute: Low noise design, even in the baby's sleep can complete the barber;

(3) Worry: charge-type design, more environmental protection;

(4) With clever positioning comb, without technology can easily trim 3-6-9-12mm hairstyle;

(5) Professional ceramic knife head, to avoid scratching baby soft scalp;

(6) Full set of accessories including Barber wai cloth, brush, lubricating oil, positioning comb, puff, charger, etc. readily available;

(7) Suitable for 0-12-year-old Baby