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Types of electric wool shears
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Joint shaft Electric Type

The electric wool shears the motor and the cutting head handle through the rigid joint hard shaft connection, because of the technical limit, only hooke′s to the nodal connection, the joint axis provides the movement scope to be very limited, needs according to the shearing hand custom left hand operation or the right hand operation to determine the configuration. Later, there is a multiple joint motion axis, more easily flexible positioning shear. The advantages of the joint shaft is that the motor power transmission is strong, can be used for high-power electric wool shears, to achieve a lot of oil sweat, fleece wool rapid push-shear, is the speed and strength of the main products are superior.

Flexible shaft Electric Type

The articulated arm with a lot of wool shears is replaced by a flexible shaft, which consists of a steel wire core and a plastic coat. Low cost, easy to bend, to achieve a higher degree of flexibility, greatly reducing the cost of electric wool shears, but the soft shaft also has its own shortcomings, that is, the axis of steel wire is flexible, theoretical length can not exceed 2 meters, and the greater the speed, The length of the soft shaft is shortened, otherwise it will lead to the sintering of the wire core, theoretically the power of the flexible shaft can not be greater than 250w. Soft-axis electric wool shears are often small-power wool shears, suitable for coarse wool fleece and autumn hair shearing, shearing density can not be too large.

Portable Miniature

In recent decades, due to the maturity of the micro-motor technology, the motor was placed in the cutting handle of the micro-electric wool shears, more convenient and flexible operation.

Directly connected to the power supply can be used, light weight portability convenient. Because the drive shaft is greatly shortened, also known as the direct motion electric wool shearing, avoids the use of the soft shaft, can cooperate with the high-power motor, it's shearing force is no less than the hard shaft type electric wool shears, is a new technology to promote new products, in the world to gradually replace the shaft shearing tool.