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Selection of electric wool shears
- Jul 26, 2018 -


Electric wool shears are precision machinery, and the manufacturing process is biased towards casting technology. The goodness of manufacturing depends on the technology of the company and the long-term development of the breeding industry. A historic manufacturing company can continuously improve its products, overcome the shortcomings of the previous generation models, and make excellent products. Moreover, many small factories themselves are producing counterfeit and shoddy. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose a brand machine.


Electric wool shears are durable machinery, and choosing a long-term partner is more important than just buying a machine. In the use and maintenance of the machine, there are too many problems that can be solved without a paper manual. If the machine is damaged or just a fault, it also needs to rely on the manufacturer to help solve it. So when buying, choose the most professional manufacturer, instead of choosing a business that only sells power tools, so it is not recommended to choose a small shop.

It is best to choose a manufacturer with specialized technical service personnel. Such technicians often visit the farming situation in various places in China, and can give pertinent suggestions and help.


Before buying, it is necessary to examine the professionalism of the manufacturer. This is very important because the different models of electric wool shears correspond to the cultured species. There is no so-called universal machine, so the choice of mistakes will make it difficult to use. It can be said that a manufacturer who does not understand farming is unable to produce professional products.

The technicians of good manufacturers will inspect the differences in cultured species and the differences in breeding conditions in various regions of China's north and south. This is very helpful for the selection of electric wool shears. For example, the same sheep species, in the high latitudes of China, have a cold climate, the fluff content in wool will be higher than in temperate regions, and the density will increase, so this should be taken into consideration when selecting electric wool shears. In addition, sheep cultured in open-air cultures contain more sand than captive wool, and oil sweat and adhesion are also serious, so they should be considered when choosing.

Don't buy a machine at random, the result is often unusable, waste money and energy, and delay farming time.


According to the model, the electric wool shears have many models, complicated selection, many tooth shapes and different materials. There are many combinations of different machines and blades. From the perspective of sheep breeding, the size of the sheep, the variety, the same variety in different hot and cold areas, the breeding conditions, the wool situation is ever-changing. Therefore, the selection requires a very professional technician to help. Rural areas are vast, lacking professionals, and limited financial resources (a small store cannot prepare all models and blades), which is the main reason that electric wool shears cannot be distributed as large as electric drill angle grinders.