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Selection and maintenance of the cutter trimmer?
- Dec 28, 2018 -

The size of the cutter head depends on the type of hair clipper selected by the beautician. Professional pet groomers usually use electric clippers with removable cutter heads. Since they serve a wide variety of dogs and cats, the types of hair vary, so they need a hair clipper that can be replaced at will. Some cutter heads can even be interchanged between different types of electric clippers, which is of course the most economical method. However, in order to achieve a more perfect cosmetic effect, it is best to use matching electric clippers and cutter heads. In order to ensure the beauty effect, the beautician must always keep the electric scissors head clean, sharp and lubricated. If the hair clipper is used to treat very hard or dirty hair, the tip of the electric clipper is easily dull. Most of the cutter heads are alloys. Therefore, after use, the hair remaining on the cutter head must be cleaned. Otherwise, the cutter head is easily corroded.

Maintenance of pet trimmers:

If there is hair left in the tooth gap of the cutter head, there is no guarantee that the hair will be smoothed the next time the hair is trimmed. When cleaning the cutter head and lubricating the cutter head, first separate the two cutter heads, then use a small brush such as a toothbrush to brush off the residual hair in the cutter head to ensure that there is no residual hair and then lubricate. The beautician can regularly lubricate the cutter head using the traditional dripping method, or it can be regularly lubricated with modern spray-type multi-function maintenance products during work. The latter can cool the cutter head while being lubricated and disinfected. effect. These products are very easy to master and easy to use. Just hold the electric clipper with your hand, move the cutter head down, keep the electric clipper running, and then spray the maintenance product into the gap between the two cutter heads. After a few seconds, stop running, use special Clean the remaining cleaning solution with a knife head cleaning wipe. If your trimmed hair is messy, then you need to repeat this procedure several times, otherwise it will affect the efficiency of the electric clipper.