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Polishing method of electric wool scissors
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Grinding method for electric wool scissors - manual grinding method

For individual breeding, when there are less than 500 sheep, it is necessary to use about 5 blades, which can be manually polished. Material preparation: 1, smooth horizontal marble plate or thick glass plate can be. 2, a piece of sandpaper of 800 mesh or more or a small amount of metal grinding of 800 mesh or more (can be replaced by powder on the sharpening stone, the method is to scrape the powder on the sharpening stone with a sharp tool, and it is required to be clean and uniform).

Steps for grinding electric wool scissors:

1. Remove the electric wool shears and the lower blade.

2, abrasive tools can use any of the following a, b can be: a, the sandpaper is evenly pasted on the stone plate or glass, there can be no uneven phenomenon such as foaming, curling, otherwise the blade may be scrapped. b. Evenly apply the corundum and a small amount of water to the stone plate or glass plate.

3. Press the upper blade or the lower blade with one hand and polish along the “8” line on the stone plate. It is not possible to polish the front and rear, left and right lines, and the blade will be scrapped.

4. The lower blade is polished for about 150 turns and the upper blade is polished for about 100 turns.

5. Acceptance standard, the blade surface is bright and smooth, the blade is straight, and the upper and lower blades can be tightly contacted.

Grinding method for electric wool scissors - automatic grinding method

Select a special electric wool scissors blade sharpening machine, and apply more than 10 uniform symmetrical points on the back of the attached sandpaper, and paste it on the grinding disc of the sharpening machine. If the sandpaper is not flat, it needs to be supplemented with glue. . The upper and lower blades of the electric wool shear are respectively caught in the card slot of the shearing machine. After the position is adjusted, the shearing machine is started. According to the wear condition of the electric wool scissors, it can be polished for 1 to 5 minutes, and the specific random instructions are specifically referred to. After the sandpaper and glue are used up, they can be equipped according to the corresponding specifications.