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Part and function of the charge barber
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Knife Head

The important parts of the barber, the upper and lower overlapping two rows with the blade teeth, the general top row of teeth called moving knife, the following row of teeth is called fixed knife, the use of fixed knife static, moving the knife back and forth quickly reciprocating movement, so that the hair cut off.


The power of the barber, the faster the speed of power, the general adult use of the barber is relatively high speed, because the adult hair is hard, but relatively large vibration; baby hair soft, speed general, vibration relatively small.


The transmission part of the barber, connecting the motor and the cutter head. In the high-speed operation of the motor, the shaft of the fine shaft and the groove of the knife to each other, so that the knife-head knife teeth reciprocating movement. The material of the rotating shaft has plastic, iron and copper, because it is a high-speed operation, belongs to wear-type parts, so the general metal shaft is better than plastic, copper is better than iron.

Power supply/Power

The electric barber generally divides into the battery type and the plug-in electric type.

1. Battery-type barber do not need to plug in the use of electricity, just a full battery. General Market Electric Barber has built-in lithium batteries, built-in Ni-MH batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and external batteries, which lithium batteries because of excellent electrical performance, generally used in high-end barber; external batteries and built-in Ni-CD batteries because of environmental protection for foreign markets abandoned.


The necessary standard accessories for the charger type Barber. In general, the market is now charging the barber to support the dual-use (battery power can continue to use), pay attention to different models of the barber is not mixed charger, for the safety of the charger needs to have 3C certification.

Comb/positioning comb/protective comb/sideburns

Generally have 12mm,9mm,6mm,3mm size of the comb, can be set on the head to cut out the different size of hair, such as bald, flat, inch plate first class, the baby can also be white sun, and so on, part of the barber also equipped with the left and right temples comb, For the convenience of users without the experience of Barber can also be on both sides of the ear to make excessive smooth hairstyle.