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Method of shearing wool with electric wool
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Method of operation

01 preparation work

Preparations include whether the wool shears can be used normally, and whether the wool shearers will use the wool shears properly. Generally, the wool shears should be pressed once after cutting a few sheep. The shearers should not hold the scissors too tightly. Can't be too loose. When cutting wool, don't use too much force, it will hurt the skin of the sheep.

02 first cut the abdomen

When cutting wool, first press the sheep down, press a sheep's hind legs with your own knees, then open a road from the hind legs to the front legs on the same side, and then cut from the open road to the middle. Cut one side of the abdomen, then use your own knee to press the hind leg of the other sheep, and cut the other side of the abdomen in the same way.

03 cut back again

Cut the abdomen, turn the sheep over and start to cut the back of the sheep. When turning over, the movement should be light, don't sprain the intestines of the sheep. When cutting, cut from the shoulder to the back leg, and cut from the side to the back, cut the side of the body, turn the sheep over and cut the other side.

04 final cut and neck

After cutting the body, finally cut the hair on the sheep's head and neck. When cutting, be careful not to cut the two large veins on the neck, which will cause sheep's casualties. When you cut your ears, you should pick up your ears. So as not to hurt the sheep, when all the wool is cut, make sure that the wool is a complete set. Do not put it in a mess, otherwise it will bring unnecessary trouble to the work behind.