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How to disinfect hairdressing tools
- Oct 24, 2018 -

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1. Facilities and materials preparation

1.1 UV disinfection cabinet or ozone disinfection cabinet: for hairdressing *, scissors, combs, etc.;

1.2 steam disinfection cabinet or * disinfectant preparation: for disinfection of towels, face towels, etc.;

1.3 * Disinfect with glutaraldehyde *: Use enamel or stainless steel * cylinder to soak the acne needles, eyebrow clips and other beauty tools. 2. *Program

2.1 Disinfection sequence: Washing before disinfection → Disinfection → Cleaning 2.2 Disinfection method: 2.2.1 Sterilization of hairdressing tools: Put the hairdressing tools into the ultraviolet or ozone disinfection cabinet for disinfection, disinfection time is 20 minutes 2 cuts * should be flattened, double Disinfection.

2.2.2 Towel disinfection: heat disinfection with steam sterilization cabinet, steaming at 80 ° C for more than 10 minutes or using 100-500 mg / l containing * preparation

Soak for more than 15 minutes. Or use a disposable disinfectant towel.

2.2.3 Hemorrhoids Needle, Eyebrow Clip Beauty Tool: Soak in 2% glutaraldehyde in enamel or stainless steel* cylinder for 30 minutes, and replace 2% glutaraldehyde for 14 days.

2.2.4 Beauty basin: Soak with 100-500mg / liter * disinfectant

Disinfect in minutes or use disposable hygienic plastic bags.

2.2.5 The hands of the beautician: After washing, wipe with alcohol or soak with 100-500mg / l containing * disinfectant 2

Minutes.2.3 cleaning

2.3.1 High temperature disinfection: The disinfected tool should be dry* clean and can be placed directly into the cleaning cabinet.

2.3.2 Disinfection with *Material: The disinfected tool should be placed in the cleaning cabinet after 10 to 15 minutes.


The disinfection cabinet also serves as a cleaning cabinet: it can be directly placed in the cabinet after disinfection, but the capacity of the cabinet should be no less than 2 times of the daily maximum dosage. The newly placed tools should be disinfected and used.

3. Note:

3.1 The cleaning liquid and disinfectant used must be qualified products that have obtained the approval number of the sanitation license and are within the validity period of the approval. The user should keep a copy of the above documents for future reference.

3.2 Hairdressing appliances sterilized with UV disinfection cabinets must be double-sided disinfected.