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How to buy a hair trimmer?
- Jan 12, 2018 -

1, the big brand, the quality is reliable. Must choose the brand goods, such quality has the safeguard, after all, the electronic product is the dangerous thing.

2, the choice of ceramic knife head. There are 2 kinds of knives, one is stainless steel, one is ceramic. Stainless steel knife head used for a long time will rust, affecting the rotation of the head, the last card to the baby's hair, it is very unsafe, and stainless steel is easy to heat, shaving long knife head hot. Ceramic Knife head safety and environmental protection, not easy to heat.

3. Do not choose dry battery. Baby hair sometimes longer time, dry battery is less durable, in case you forget to take out, the battery leakage even the barber is broken. The barber must buy the kind that can charge, charge the electricity can use for a few hours to have no problem, the baby goes where can shave to where, safe also environmental protection.

4, color and shape to cartoon. The baby likes the bright color, the lovable modelling thing, therefore we buy a baby favorite barber, the baby will fall in love with the barber hair, otherwise the baby sees the barber on the evasive.

5, mute. Some babies do not like to shave hair, the voice of the Barber Buzz, will make the baby very restless. At this time, a quiet barber, you can sleep in the baby, without noticing the baby's hair to shave.