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Electric wool shears precautions
- Oct 31, 2018 -

There are also many problems in the use of electric wool shears. The proper use of electric wool shears has a great impact on the care of sheep and the life of electric wool shears. In the nearly 50-year history of using electric wool shears, many lessons have been learned.

Electric wool scissors are hot

The electric wool scissor blade is a friction pair that will naturally generate heat. It can be lubricated and cooled with soapy water.

Portable electric wool shear grip is hot

Electric wool shearing blade is 3 mm longer than the upper blade

Due to the complex internal mechanical construction, the gearboxes are subject to frictional heat generation. When using an electric wool shear, add oil every 10 minutes. Turn off the electric wool shear switch during the shearing gap and do not run at no load. The blade is blunt and polished in time to avoid burdening the motor.

Shearing sheepskin

Electric wool shears are mechanical and require a certain amount of skill. Beginners should try to choose the fine-tooth straight-toothed blades. For example, the common wide-force 76mm13-tooth straight-toothed inserts are entry-level blades with narrow pitch and difficult meat. Replace the wide-toothed blade after being skilled. For parts that are not easily trimmed by electric wool shears, they can be trimmed by hand. The upper blade of the electric wool shear should be retracted by 3-4 mm against the tip of the comb to prevent the skin of the sheep from being squeezed into the comb.

Proper lubrication

Electric wool shears cannot be cut dry. Some farmers bought electric wool shears, which were used immediately after unpacking. After cutting 3 to 4 sheep, they could not be cut. This type of error is not only inefficient, but also very harmful to the fader. Expert advice: The tip of the blade of the fader should be frequently wetted in the soapy water. On the one hand, the blade can be lubricated. In addition, the oil on the sheep body can be softened. Before use, the oil should be added to the oil hole during use. It is recommended that the farmer purchase the lubrication of the large package by himself. oil.

Quick cut

The electric wool scissor blade is a frictional movement. As soon as the machine is turned on, the blade begins to wear. The continuous and fast-cutting method can cut more wool during the life of the blade. The novices of the farmers should deliberately exercise the frequency of the shearing. For details of the cutting action, please refer to the video and the text below.

Blade polishing

When the electric wool shears are not moved, it is likely that the blades are blunt and need to be sanded in time.