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Electric shearing precautions
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Electric shearing precautions


1. Make sure that the electric shearing hair clip you are going to use is not prone to hot. The first step is to determine how many sheep you have and how much work per hour, so you can consult the electric wool shear manufacturer for the right shearing power tool. Buy at least 3 or more replacement blades. When the wool is cut, when one pair of blades becomes dull, you can quickly change the other pair. Unsuitable lubricants can contaminate the wool or be less lubricious. Because the blade is high speed and high temperature, the lubricating oil can also cool. Specific blades can be cooled with soapy water, but you need to consult the manufacturer beforehand..

2. Arrange your shearing site to ensure that there is power. Temporary venues must ensure that the wires are in place and will not be trampled by sheep or encountered when the sheep are struggling. It is best to install the power supply on the wall, on the column or on the beam, and fix the electric shearing machine on the power supply. The pull-type switch of the motor should just hang over the head of the shearing hand. The drive shaft of the electric shearing machine should be about 1 foot above the shearing table. The shearing table should be guaranteed not to be messed up by the sheep. Do not lay the cushions. You can use the hard canvas as a temporary shearing table.

3. Read the instruction manual of electric shearing machine in detail. If you are not familiar with the use of electric shearing machine or electric shearing hair clipper, first practice on raw sheepskin, familiar with the depth of each pusher of the electric shearing machine. width. Adjust the shaft of the electric shearing machine to the right angle to ensure that each part of the scissors sheep is convenient. After installation, the hair clipper blade is trimmed to adjust the blade to the minimum pressure that can shear the wool.

4. Remember to lubricate the blades and faders at all times while using the electric shearer. Add oil every time you cut a sheep, or add oil every 3 minutes. Simply drop the oil on the blade to extend the life of the blade. The shears must be cleaned when they are stained with wool. Lubricate and clean them before long-term storage.

5. When using the electric shearing machine to cut the wool, it should be close to the sheepskin hair clipper, but you can't use the scissors to press the sheepskin, otherwise it is easy to cut the sheep. You have to cut it with a fader and a fader. Don't repeat the cut in one place. Even if a fader is not cut, don't make a second push. The second push of wool has no economic value and is also prone to injury. Before cutting the wool, I want to cut the wool in the mind before the cutting process is done in the back. Otherwise, I want to cut the edge of the fader blade.