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Choose a baby barber to see the second touch three listen
- Jan 12, 2018 -

The market of the barber is dazzling, for many never bought a barber's mother, buy a barber really do not know how to provoke. Parenting editors suggest that you can buy baby hair clippers by looking, touching, and listening.

A look at the material: Barber knife head can be divided into fixed blades and movable blades, materials have stainless steel, titanium, ceramics and so on, stainless steel and titanium blade sharp wear-resistant, not easy to damage, impact, but with the hair after friction heating up quickly, there is the possibility of rust; ceramic blades are also very sharp wear-resistant, and hair after friction heating slow, heat, but easy to break Buy a barber for the baby to recommend the choice of ceramic blades, the market many baby barber's fixed blade is titanium, the active blade is ceramic.

Two touch running knife head: to the baby to buy the barber is the most important security, test security is the best way to directly touch the operation of the knife head, in general, no matter how sharp the barber's knife head, are not hurt and skin, touch the time without burning feeling better.

Three listen to the sound of the barber: Most babies do not like haircuts, mothers are sure to often see because of hair cut and crying baby, out of the hair does not like to play, in fact, the barber's noise will make the baby has a fear, the choice of small noise barber is conducive to alleviating the baby's nervous feeling, It also helps to get a haircut when the baby is asleep.