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Children's professional Barber
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Child Barber is mainly for the baby to trim hair special tools, considering the baby head development is not complete, easy to hurt the scalp, a child barber will have corresponding protection measures.

Child Barber is the starting point for the child's health, so that children's immunity is not so perfect, especially when the head is not fully developed, as far as possible to avoid contact with the source of infection, so each child should have a own barber.

Because the child barber is a large part of the user is a mother, so the child barber design is very small, easy to operate, and there are infant protection measures, storage battery should be enough to save the amount of children to get a haircut. For the safety of children, should try to avoid the side of the case, in addition, children barber utensils have cleaning convenience, low volume characteristics.