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Buy an electric barber and get a haircut
- Jan 12, 2018 -

The most direct reason to choose your own haircut is to save money. Since last year, Hangzhou big and small barber shop prices, less 5 yuan, more than dozens of yuan, in the final analysis, the price is normal, because the overall rise in prices. "Since last year, most things have increased prices, that is, wages did not rise, can not open source, can only throttle, may wish to save a little haircut." "said Mr. Yu.

Home Electric Barber More and more popular, micro-blog on a lot of netizens in their hair cut photos, and Taobao can also search a lot of treasures. An electric barber seller told reporters that the day before yesterday, the store sold 15 home electric Barber.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the recession has made everyone in the country more frugal, and that more Americans are choosing to do it themselves, instead of going to the barber shop, which is called the "haircut in the recession". As the U.S. economy shrinks, sales of electric barbers are growing. The company's barber sales, which accounted for half of the market, Rose 10% in 2008. And in China, "hairdressing and beauty equipment production base" Fenghua, 2009 years, the first quarter, hair beauty equipment Manufacturers export exports reverse the rebound, growth of 38.9%.