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Use of electric hair clips
- May 04, 2018 -

Now that the baby's friends at home have their own electric hair clippers at home, the children are reluctant to go to the barber shop when they are young, so that they can make haircuts for the children at home. The use of electric hair clips should pay attention to what issues.

Many hair clippers' manuals say that the electric hair clipper can be used while charging, but for the new hair clipper, doing so will cause great damage to the battery, so try not to do so.

Just bought the electric hair clipper, pay attention to ensure that the charge in more than 12 hours, so that the battery is good. And if you do not use the hair clipper for more than one month, charge the charger for more than 12 hours when you use it again. This can effectively extend the life of the hair clipper battery.

In general, the electric hair clipper can continue to be used for about 45 minutes after the charging is completed, but it should be noted that as the hair clipper charging frequency increases, the battery performance is reduced and it will not be able to use for a longer time. So charge as soon as possible and don't let the hair clipper be completely empty. Limiting combs are useful for novice haircuts, which prevents haircuts from varying lengths. Pay attention to using the largest stopper as much as possible, and try to manage it as long as possible during the haircut. If you don't handle it well, you have the opportunity to remedy it.