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10 experiences of electric wool shears
- Jan 12, 2018 -

1, scissors selection, small breed has a more than 200 pieces of money handheld is good, large farmers recommend to buy soft shaft transmission, this handle will be light a lot, people are not easy tired, efficiency will be much higher;

2, personal feeling blade teeth and the number of wool and the degree of cleanliness related to a clean less with 13 teeth, wool and more dirty with nine teeth;

3, Blade tooth type and the soft and hard of wool, wool soft with curved teeth, wool hard with straight teeth;

4, if the sheep is more well-behaved, stand-cut will be easier;

5, cut the order to start from the beginning of the spine scissors tail, and then from both sides of a downward cut;

6, feel not too sure of the place, to switch to the ordinary scissors pruning;

7, the pressure size of the knife is very important, and it will be used in the vibration becomes loose, my experience is to tighten and then loose one-fourth laps;

8, prepare a basin of soapy water, at any time to cool and clean the knife head;

9, sheepskin is very soft, slightly careless will be cut, high risk of the place has scapula inside, tail slightly, neck, nipple and penis;

10, for cutting the place, to timely disinfection with iodine!